Forgiveness and Forgiving the Unforgivable

Forgiving the Unforgivable

Reprogramming Techniques for Forgiveness.

By Pauline Douglas

Blame Shuts Down Peace of Mind.

Participating in the human experience means dealing with others who will desire to hurt, anger and betray us. The ability to forgive small annoyances up to catastrophic treachery is of essence, because we are only psychologically healthy to the degree that we can forgive.

The inability to forgive past events keeps us in a state of non-completion, and that is co-dependent, causing us to travel through life with bitter brakes on. 

Blame, and her twisted sister Revenge, will hurt you more than them.

Releasing the Brakes

Likely the consequence of a "stiff upper lip British childhood" where it was frowned upon to display feelings and emotions, this manifested in my life as an admiration for those who could contain their emotive reactions, resulting in an earnest aspiration to become an emotionless, unruffled and ruthless leader.

This also meant attracting partners, in love and business, who could also control their emotive responses, to further squish my naturally emotional sensitivity into a "Bitch Wears Prada" style demure, that tossed off anybody who showed even a hint of emotion as unbalanced.

What a dreadful misconception.
    Emotionless humans are NOT normal.

People who hide their emotions and feeling are mostly Actors who use learned techniques to suppress them, but just like stuffing a dead cat under a carpet, emotions and feelings do not go away, they remain as mental and cellular memories that fester and grow, to be released as "Unconscious Feedback" through verbal outbursts, violent behaviors, addictive dependencies, or physical and mental illness.

Some were born without, or have lost (had broken), their Human Conscience, making it difficult to grasp intuitive concepts, sizing up life only with pleasure and pain. One of the best healers I have ever worked with fell into this category.  She was unable to feel the energies, guilt or blame, but she had been able to intellectualize the intuitive concepts, carrying out her actions like a chameleon, which was the benefit of good training and teaching.

Sociopaths and Psychopaths are the extreme however and intuitive technologies cannot be comprehended at all by this group. Without the natural inner conscience to guide them, they are not hindered by guilt or fear.  This group can have no qualms for corrupt and predatory pursuits and could rationally destroy, if not kill, opponents who get in their way.

Blame for a Day, For a Year,
   or the Rest of Your Miserable Life.

Some of us have experienced devastation and cruelty as children and adults, betrayed by the actions of those we relied upon for love and self-concepts. Some experiences were so horrific, they do not deserve forgiveness morally or legally, but to release our brakes completely, forgiveness must be a major definite purpose.

When we have been a victim to treachery, it is easy to gain personal power from wearing the badge of a champion survivor for a while, but due to the Laws of Attraction, taking on a Victim Personality will attract other victims into our lives and keep us stuck in the Victim Cycle, regurgitating our story, until we (and those around us) become tired of it.

Sometimes the person to be acquitted is our self, for actions or behaviors we cannot forgive, with unbearable consequences to our psyche ... be grateful for your guilt and regret, because your human conscience is working. If you were a sociopath, you would not care at all.

Blame Generates Extreme Negative Emotions.

When we attempt to suppress our emotions, we shallow our breathing which in turn slows oxygen intake into our blood stream. Lack of oxygen in blood lowers the electrical magnetism that our neurons and cells use to communicate with each other. Cells begin to falter, and the result is body and mind illness.

Clasp your fist tightly for a few minutes to see what happens.

Squeeze Your FistThe hand will start going white due to lack of blood flow, it will lose feeling and if left this way permanently, would wither and die. Negative Emotions and Feelings have the same effect on our body, which is why negative emotions left unchecked result in bodily illness.

Cellular Memory is where we may have long forgotten or suppressed an incident in our mind, but unconscious feedback produces emotions and feelings to certain situations.

"My Father had an unfortunate sense of humor. He loved to tease and torment us when we were too young to understand. As a result, I still can't stand sarcastic people."

Whether we are aware of them or not, these unconscious processes play key roles in our decision making. 

The Subconscious Cannot Tell
    the Difference Between
        a Real or Imagined Thought

Just as with computers our experiences are recorded in intricate detail into the data-banks of our mind. Data is stored as an intellectual, emotional and cellular memory.

Reprogramming Meditation Techniques (also known as Autosuggestion and Self Hypnosis) are the way we can revisit old realities to re-program existing data with a new script, modifying the event and the impact upon our psyche.

Reprogramming Meditation Techniques

Hans was a Jewish gentleman in his mid 80's, who had been a child in the 2nd World War.

His demeanor could be described as obscure and frail to others, but throughout the program session he had recalled how his Father had angrily shut him into a small closet, a terrifying experience for a 6 year old boy, locked in the dark alone for many hours. This event had a devastating impact on his life and personality in many ways.

The Forgiveness Meditation

Hans used the Forgiveness Meditation to firstly forgive his Father for his actions, reconnecting with the fact that the action had been taken to hide him from German Soldiers, who were wanting to take the Jewish populace to the extermination camps.

The Inner Child Meditation

Hans then used the Inner Child Meditation to revisit the memory of being locked in the closet as a child, getting in touch with the emotions and feelings of fear of the time, then following himself into the closet as an adult, to comfort, nurture and explain to the little boy what was happening and why.

Rewriting The Script Through Reason

Two Reprogramming Meditations (on their way) will be loaded for your use later, but do not hesitate to write out and record your own meditations in your own voice at the end of this exercise. 

Start by using your Journal to identify all the people in your life that you still have blame present, this usually includes parents, guardians, siblings, teachers, friends, lovers and work associates.  Then journal the troubled experiences you had as a child or adult. 

The next step is to intellectualize the reasons for the actions of those we blame.

Ascertain the Reason then Forgiveness and Freedom will be yours.

There is always a Reason for why humans are the way they are and what they do to each other. 

Even for the worst betrayal and atrocities there is a reason for that action or behavior including mental illness.  Acknowledging the reason will assist you to forgive and gain freedom.  You are not required to rekindle any relationship and neither should this stop you from taking the required legal action if necessary.

Link:  Forgiveness Meditation  (Best listened to with Earphones)