About Pauline Douglas

There Are Two Choices In Life ...

Wake Up or Remain Asleep!
The Inner Quest Intuitive Technologies were initially developed over a 10 year period ranging from 1995 to 2005, at a time of desperately needing to understand life.  They say "ask the question the teacher will show up"

The Universal Teacher

The Universal Teacher did show up, in the way that is never fair or pleasant.
Life crashed in the hardest and cruelest way, taking away that which was loved the most.

This is usually how the Universal Teacher works, by smashing our reality to oblivion, leaving us no other choice than to "wake up" to the illusion by sending us on a quest for personal understanding and empowerment, or committing us to a life of failure, illness and misery. 

Buddhist Monks have a saying "Congratulations you have suffered, now you can grow"

Intuitive The Universal TeacherUnderstanding is Power

Newcomers are invited to learn about this powerful new world in a grounded and logical fashion. 

Recalling the days of first being introduced to Intuitive Philosophies, the whole thing had seemed rather odd, unbalanced, weird, for the fairies (as father would say) or the seriously deluded. Unfortunately as you awaken, you will meet some who are not grounded, some experiencing what we describe as Psychic Psychosis,  with concepts that cause alarm, but this just means they (or you) have not come through to the other side yet!  

Intuitive Technologies were not easy to accept in the beginning, because of the belief that the intellect was the greatest asset.  One crazy day after making the decision to just jump in, never looking back, the Inner Viking presented himself, the guy who had been modifying my personality to be strong, invincible and unbeatable (but a complete asshole at the same time).  Freedom came from recognizing and embracing him, turning him into a champion and learning how to shut down his natural desires to control the world, reap revenge, blast out hate and pillage the opponents.

Also learned where he came from ... knowledge is power.

Advanced Seekers and participants whom have been on an escalation of personal development for some years, will be interested to take the final steps of removing barriers between themselves and their calling.

Have had much help along the way ... globally famed friends and teachers whom confirmed that what is understood is spectacular.  It is a privilege and joy to share this knowledge. 

2020 We will include the Inner Quest Mastermind for those who wish to empower themselves further by remaining in the conversation constantly with a group of like minded individuals ...  Really look forward to that! 

Enjoy the ride!

Pauline Douglas (AKA MadamSplash)

Intuitive Technologies - The Universal Teacher 

Intuitive Technologies The Universal TeacherIntuitive Technologies are the way that we can develop superior relationships with our self, family, partners, friends, customers and business associates.
Intuitive Technologies provide the understanding about the "undesirable parts" of our personality and how to rid of them.
Intuitive Technologies help us escape the invisible box that restricts us from expanding and attracting achievement we desire.
Intuitive Technologies are the ultimate healing of catastrophe or devastating childhood experiences to access peace of mind.

Born - Clinton Ontario 1955  (still citizen)
Australian Migrant in 1967

List of Mentors and Inspiration (that I can recall)
Brian Tracy
Zig Ziglar
Stephen Rose
Colin Sisson
Caroline Myss
Wayne Berry
Robert Sheinfeld
Tom Hopkins
Wayne Dyer
Pam Grout
Stephen Covey
Louise Hay Institute
Jeannie Chapman Pentacost
Bobby Limb Pentacost
Benny Hinn  Healer
Isobel Rowell
Personal Studies
Psycho Dynamics
Quantum Mechanics
Emotional Intelligence
Vibrational Energies (Light and Sound)
Breath Healing
Magnetic Healing
Chinese Body