The Worry Buster

The Fear Blaster

A Helpful Worry Solving Technique.

If you are currently struggling with a relationship, health, business or financial problem, here is a technique that could very well save your sanity!
Releasing The Brakes.

Most people, when confronted with a serious dilemma can find themselves stuck in the fear,  or worry of the situation, to the point that they eventually feel that they may not cope at all.  

This simple technique will help you eliminate the angst.

Step 1.    Write It Down

Write the problem down in as much detail as you can and what you are feeling as a result.

Step 2.   Identify the Worst Possible Outcome

Write down all the concerning scenarios that could result from this problem, then resolve to accept the worst possible outcome should it occur.

Step 3.   Write 20 Possible Solutions

Write down a list of at least 20 possible solutions to your problem.

Step 4.   Select One Solution and Take Immediate Action

Select one potential solution and begin to take action immediately.

Try it - share it, we all deserve a little less worry.

Original Source:  Brian Tracy The Worry Buster - Psychology of Success